Terms & Conditions

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Please note: Total Delivery Systems reserves the right to re-weight for accuracy or select the cube weight based on 10lbs per cubic ft.

-Maximum liability of carrier is $2.00 per pound ($4.41 per KG) to a maximum of $50.00 per shipment.
-All claims must be submitted within 7 days.

-All services guaranteed for the cost of the delivery only.
-All delivery times subject to weather and traffic conditions and/or acts of God.
-Waiting time is charged after the first 10 minutes at a rate of $2.50 every 5 minutes.
-No Goods charge is the lesser amount of $5.00 or the cost of the delivery.
-Extra charges will be additionally billed for any of the following: Wrong Address, Redirects, Returns and Late Cancellations.
-Cubing may be charged for bulky shipments at 10 pounds per cubic foot.
-Tenders are not guaranteed.
-Rates and services subject to change without notice.
-Only cash, Visa, MasterCard or company cheques will be accepted for non-account holders.
-Customs declaration is required for all international shipments.
-All deliveries must be wrapped, packed and addressed for safe handling.
-Wrong addresses will be charged the zone rate from the incorrect zone to the correct zone at the same service level.
-No liability shall be recognized by the carrier for damage or delay due to improper labeling of shipments.  No claim shall be recognized for fragile commodities such as glass, ceramic, delicate instruments and plants.
-For collect shipments, the CSR must be informed at the time the order is placed.  If the Consignee refuses the charges, the shipment will be automatically charged to the shipper's account.

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